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I have realized after reading “More and Better Psychopaths” that they all stole, all killed, and all went to jail. Each expected to escape some way or another. The definition of being a psychopath is a person suffering with chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. I found this weird because now a days this literally could be anyone since so many people are being diagnosed with mental disorders and everyone is different socially.

What is “True Crime”?

I think True Crime is the actual story of the crime it can be the gist of just the facts or a whole narratives which can include fictional details or bias but it tells the story. True Crime I believe can be poems, ballads, news clippings, even tv shows just anything that gives tells the story.

Torso Comic

I found the torso comic a bit confusing to understand yet when I understood certain parts the pictures defiantly helped creates a tone for the each part of the story. The comic itself was very interesting and drew me further into the story with each page I read. Since this is a comic and states that it is based on a true story it makes me wonder how much of the story is true… like the detectives, who the actual murder was, and some the scenes that occurred.

Although some parts of the story are not true and are dramatized for the effect and to draw in readers I believe that the comic was a interesting yet informative way to present a case. I was actually sadden when Simon’s head appeared on the floor and got nervous the moment that the “Torso killer” or Gaylord escaped and since he was never able to be tried, he got away with murder. This fact makes me unease, but overall I love the story although it freaked me out.

I was looking up the suspect “Gaylord” and found out his real name was Dr. Francis E. Sweeney. Once he had voluntarily hospitalized himself he had harassed Ness just like in the comic though, I would have hated the feeling that he was so close to putting him away and that Sweeney truly became untouchable.

Dr. Francis E. Sweeney

Dr. Francis E. Sweeney

Frank Dolezal 1st suspect

Frank Dolezal 1st suspect


On Monday my group went to the library and discussed many possibilities to present the stories read and decided to create two trailer clips showing the key points of each story. We drafted  scripts for the two stories chosen as well as discussed props and roles for each person.


I found the comic as a very interesting way to share information about a topic, it is short and to the point yet very informative. To start off with I had never heard of the Ohio Gang and had not studied Harding very much either and though this did show the presidency in a negative light, I feel as if it did highlight the connection between the Ohio Gang and Harding pretty clearly. Harding was not all bad as depicted he did sign/pass the first child welfare program and first to pursue world security through arms regulation and reduction so he did do some work as a president. Yet I am sure at the time he seemed as a horrible person as Richard Nixon did in the Watergate scandal. The media just has a way of painting a certain picture in everyones mind of a topic.

And back to the actual use of the comic to share this information also reminded me of this book my RA let me borrow this comic book/textbook about the prison system in the US called The Real Cost of Prisons Comix, which is weird how one can get so much information from drawings.

Here is a Political Cartoon on Muckraking: Clearly it depicts the artist opinion on the necessity of investigating the presidency


Not Actual Murder

It is hard to think that a lot of deaths from people killing other people are not considered murder of the first degree but as manslaughter and therefore the offender is punished less severely. And yeah it makes it sound as if some get away with taking the life of another for a lesser to no price but I think it should be considered that in crimes of passion in which the offender is in an unstable mental state they act purely on what they their emotions say. By this when they awake and realize what they have done it can take a huge toll on them also. Such as if a man finds out his wife cheated on him, one would of course be angry and hurt, some more than others and if the husband overreacted and accidentally killed her at that moment is different than if he had planned for months then killed her so that he could once again be single. There is a huge difference in these situations in the first one he obviously loved her dearly which cause him to be so unstable while the other was just pure evil which is why I am confused why in the Crime News from California its trying to clump crimes of passion with cold blooded murder.

The Revolt

It is understandable that this group of people that were being oppressed for a long time by their masters would want to seek vengeance over their oppressors but in a way this was executed as described by Nat Tucker’s confession may have not been the best way for his follows as well as other slaves. In his mind he may have felt he had all reason to do what he did but all and all he didn’t free all slaves so, did nothing more then make white people afraid that their slaves would try to rise up against them, by this causing them to take action to avoid it.  By his revolt he cost the unnecessary lives of many and further affecting the lives of people not involved. I feel as if there could have been a more effective way of dealing with it although his reaction was understandable due to the living situation.

Depiction of the revolt through the view of a white person at the time

Depiction of the revolt through the view of a white person at the time

Now to the Murder of a Daughter story that seems to just be cruel and since the story is not told from the perspective of the dead daughter I don’t think it will ever tell all the abuse I am sure this girl must have gone through if her parents were willing to feed her own excrements during her sickness. The punishment of the parents was extremely forgiving to the death of their daughter, which probably shouldn’t have been only manslaughter.

Evil Wife

I am not sure why the reading on Jesse Strang upset me so much. It could have been the fact that it was the unnecessary murder of the husband Whippie or that the only person convicted was Jesse Strang. First of all I feel as if Elise just wanted her husband dead because Elise and Jesse could have easily made a run for it and been together without killing anyone, it is a big world and many places to hide away, not that I am saying running away from your husband is okay (talk  it out). But Elise was just out for blood and then she took no responsibility for her actions and allowed for Jesse to be blamed for all of it, this showing how much she truly cared for him. I think Elise Whippie is an extremely manipulative person and only out for herself.

Thievery and Rape

While reading the three stories I realized they all have 1 thing in common all of the offenders were thieves even when convicted of a different crime and all died therefore took that stealing eventually leads to death… I also found it coincidental that both Powers and Mountain were thieves and were not convicted of that but of raping women. Another think that somewhat caught my eye while reading was how Powers was able to play with children right after committing his violation of the lady on the horse, this actually really shocked me because it made it seem as if he took his act as if it was just another day. These people had some sticky hands and some messed up heads.