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Comment on Reflection by Alieh

If you read it carefully I never said the girdle was bad just that we should all be together! And thanks for everything, I think I’m planning on taking your class next fall with the filming, now can I please have my grades?!


This class was not like most classes I have taken or any type of class that I expected.  There were no tests or quizzes, which I am not complaining.  The grading wasn’t very specific which was annoying at times because it was hard to figure out exactly what was expected in each of the assignments.  80% of the work was blogging, which isn’t too hard, but I don’t like blogging so I struggled with getting into the habit of actually doing it.  However, the TV show projects that we did were very fun, but, again, there wasn’t really any guidelines, so we would think that we did really well, but it wasn’t what the two professors were looking for, or vice versa, it was horrible, but we ended up doing better than expected.  The readings were sometimes long and sometimes short, a lot of times they were interesting stories, but poorly written, I fell asleep reading quite a few times.  The class is definitely interesting and I like that it’s all based on conversation, but there’s definitely an issue with the seating of the class.  I sat in a couch area with about 6 or 7 other people and then there was a main table with about 6 people and then a few people sat away from everyone in their own separate seats.  I felt this took away from the conversation, even though I’m loud and I made myself heard, not everyone who sat in the couches with me did the same and they were rarely heard.  I think the class would have benefitted more if we all sat together.  It was a lot of work with the readings and the blogging and our wikis and the projects, much more than most of my classes.  Looking back on this class, I am glad that I picked it for my freshman seminar, but the few key things that I would try and fix is the grading (I would put more specific guidelines) and the seating (we should all sit together so everyone can be heard).  Oh and the professors are…interesting.  They teach a true crime class so of course they’re weird.  Paul Bond is kind of like a ghost.  He watches us from the computer, rarely talking, so a lot of times I forget he’s there and then out of no where he talks and it scares me sometimes.  Groom on the other hand, there are no words to describe him.  It’s a love-hate kind of thing.  I still don’t know if he actually likes me…he says he does but, it may be that he’s sketchy for teaching a murder class, but I just don’t know if I believe him.


This book was actually really awesome and I loved it!  I love reading/hearing about stories like these, especially when race is a major factor.  I know it sounds weird, but I find it interesting hearing other people’s perspectives when it comes to being racially discriminated against.  I, personally, am middle eastern and I have heard all of the jokes, and sometimes people take it too far, but one of my favorite things in the world to do is what I call “educating the ignorant” because that’s what racists are.  They are ignorant. In this book, the jury sounded so ignorant, according to Steven’s attorney by saying, “It doesn’t look good for him.”  If they already consider him guilty before he even says his side of the story, then they are even more ignorant than people who think I’m a terrorist!  Okay, maybe not more, but you get the idea.  I like how this book is written as a movie in the perspective of Steven, but the movie isn’t in first person, but his little entries are.  It gets a little bit confusing with the scene setting, but it is definitely a different way of writing and I think it’s a lot more interesting, it actually paints a picture in my head.


I really enjoyed this movie, probably  A MILLION TIMES more than Helter Skelter.  I love the idea of a mob and the psychology behind all of the gangstas.  I can really relate to them, not because I kill people for the hell of it, but because last year in high school I would always park illegally in the visitor’s spots for an entire semester and the day I got caught I got lazy and drove to school too late, but I felt like it was my spot because I parked there everyday.  It was almost like I was entitled, and I didn’t even think that it was against the rules.  That’s what it is like to be in a mob.  You get used to a certain lifestyle and things become so routine that it doesn’t even seem illegal.  I thought it was really shitty of Henry to rat out the mafia in the end just to save his own ass.  You could tell he didn’t want to but he was scared and paranoid.  They warned him about the drugs, but he was already in too deep and he was desperate.  He did the most despicable thing that anyone in the mafia can do, he was a rat.

Comment on Interviews by Alieh

I agree that I didn’t see Manson as being a follower, but now that I read it, it kind of makes sense that Manson would go out and do such a horrible crime and try to copy Beausoleil to get him out of jail. It was kind of like a sacrifice.

Interviews about Manson

These interviews of the actual members of the Manson family are actually quite interesting!  The first one, about Beausoleil, really opened my eyes to the actual murder.  The movie just showed Manson as this insane guy who went on a killing rampage because of some song that didn’t mean anything.  But from what Beausoleil said in his interview, it is clear that “Helter Skelter” was a bullshit excuse.  It makes a lot more sense that Manson was trying to cover up and save Beausoleil from prison and that is why he made the killings very similar.  This explanation kind of humanizes Manson and turns him sane, and I truly believe that that is how he is.  The whole movie and the trial was just an act to make everyone think he was too insane, but if anyone noticed, all of those who testified told the same story, but they never mentioned why Helter Skelter had to be now, and the song didn’t say it had to be now and Manson didn’t say why it had to be now.  It just so happens that one of Manson’s family members was in jail for murder at the same time and murdered the exact same way? No, that is too much of a coincidence!  I truly believe that with the mental state portrayed in the courtroom of Manson and his followers, if they were to be tried today, they all would have plead insanity and won the case!  The Leslie girl, though, I feel bad for her.  She got out of the Manson clan too late, and while she was out she actually did make a good life for herself!  If she hadn’t been tried 3 times, she never would have been convicted.  Just makes you wonder what she could have done with her life if she hadn’t met Charlie Manson.