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The Autobiography of an L.A Gang Member

I really really like this book. The book is so interesting, I never really know what’s about to happen next. I never really knew much about the Crips or the Bloods, other than the Crips were blue and the Bloods were red. What did really surprised me was how old Monster Kody was, he was so young to be gangbanging. When I was reading this book, I could never plan what was going to happen next. Like when Monster Kody was in the store and he shot the guy, he was so young. When him and his mom left the store, like if I had just shoot someone my mom would have acted so different. I think out of the whole reading the most surprising part, was when the mom went and shot in the house of her deceased son’s girlfriend. I was like wait, what , what is going on here! The book was very interesting, I think it kind of got less interesting, hopefully as I read more and more the book will keep getting interested. One things that Kody said was that he was a thinker and reading more and more of the book, it really shows how he is. Kody thinks before he makes a decision, and even thought he did get shoot I think that because of the thinker that he is, that is why he is still alive. Overall I really like this book !

My Man ”Tommy” !!


Goodfellas was a good movie. I had never seen this movie, and it was a little different from all the others movies that I had ever seen. But overall I really did like the movie. I really like the beginning it was catchy, I really really enjoyed this movie.I think out of all the character my favorite was Tommy. Tommy was just crazy, I never really didn’t know what his next move was. He shoot the guy’s foot because he was taking to long to bring him his drink I was like dang ! Then I looked Tommy killed the man. Tommy is the one guy that NO MATTER who I was to him, I didn’t feel safe around him. It was so funny when he got the knife from his mom. His mom was like, yeah go ahead take the knife, Tommy was like yeah I need it for the deer, but I will bring it back. It’s like really Tommy, you get your mom’s kitchen knife to use to kill someone?

Ted Bundy Part Two

I really like how Ann Rule would think if I was Ted Bundy where would I go. I feel like no one knows that answer. Ann Rule was a close friend of Ted Bundy, but no one could really think like him. I thought it was funny when the FBI agents told Rule that they were going to look in disguise, she thought that all FBI agents still looked alike. Which I feel think the same way when you see them on TV or in movies. Out of everything that Ann Rule writes I think ten most important thing is (I have no fear of Ted Bundy. Even if he was what he was said to be -a mass murder-) I think its crazy that Ted Bundy starved himself so that he would be able to escape and fir through things.

Ted Bundy

Ann  Rule meet this guy name Ted Bundy at the Crisis Clinic in Seattle. She was a volunteer and he was a work study student. When Ann Rule stated that together her and Ted Bundy saved lives, it amazes me because this is the same guy that a kills all these women. What amazes me is how smart this guy was, graduating from University of Washington with a 3.51 grade point average. Ted tried to talk to Stephanie in 1969, no hope, so then he changes himself to by the kind of person he thinks she wants him to be. This guy had brains, like why kill all these people ? I bet it was pretty scary when Rule was realizing the kind of person Ted Bundy really was. She even second guessed her self thinking, no it couldn’t be and she felt ashamed of even thinking that it was Ted Bundy. But she had to face the fact when Detective Dick Reed called her back and told her that Ted Bundy did have a car, and it was a 1968 bronze Volkswagen Bug. I really like how Rule incorporated the some pictures in the book. Looking at the pictures shows me how Ted changed his appearance and I can really tell by the pictures.
Here is a video of Ann Rule talking about Ted Bundy !! Great Video !! ( She talks how she was never scared of him !!)
Here is a link to all the victims

Leslie Van Houten and Truman Capote


Leslie Van Houten, a member of the “Manson Family.” She was one of the “Manson girls” she shaved her hear and carved the X in her forehead.  Now forty years later she feels symphony and should be put out on parole. A little information that I found in research about Leslie Van Houten was that she was married to William Syvin from 1982-1982, which doesn’t surprise me. Her parents were Jane Van Houten and Paul Van Houten, and she attended Monrovia High School. What happen to , you do the crime you do the time. I don’t think she should be let out at all.  It was said that thought out her trial she was very disruptive and uncooperative and giggled throughout the trial, which we even saw in the movie at how disrespectful the “Manson Family” was in the court room. My favorite part in the article was (“The Manson Family” were the hippies all our parents were scared we’d turn into if we didn’t stop taking drugs.) How funny! For Manson to brain wash “The Family”, it was pretty crazy to call them the “slippies”, they did slip alright, they slipped into your world of Mason Jesus Christ and he very much did take advantage of them.

The famous Truman Capote interviews a member of the “Manson Family”. They started talking about a guy name Sirhan B. Sirhan. Sirhan was   convicted for the assassination Senator Robert F. Kennedy. He is serving a life sentence at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, California. For Truman Capote to be interviewing, it kinda seems that Beausoleil was asking a lot of questions being noisy. Then when Truman Capote did ask questions it was about other prisoners. In the interview we did find out that Capote knew four our of the five that were killed in the Tate family. In the interview at the end is when Capote finally get’s to question about Manson and the killings. Beaisoleil says that he was not a follower of Manson and that Manson was more of a follower of him, he was the one that influenced Manson. Over and over Beaisoleil states that “Everything is good” , Capote asked well what if you were to die, what is wrong to kill those innocent people and he states over and over, “Everything is good.”

Helter Skelter

I HATED !! that the movie kept stopping every three seconds, couldn’t even enjoy the movie!!!  What I didn’t like was the sound effects it just had to many ! I thought it was pretty funny when the investigator said he was brown bagging ,as in eating lunch never heard that before. When they said that Charles Manson was also known as Jesus Chris I was like what ??! In the movie when we were seeing the bodies it reminded me of the last book we read about the Clutters but this time it was the Tanners. So I was doing a little research and found out that Charles Manson get’s more mail than anyone in the United States Inmate System, WOW!! If I loved near where the killings were, I would be scared! To me the girls were really dumb! dumb founded !!!


Where are they Now ?


Interview with Charles Manson




A Comment Post !!

Which criminal in your eyes is seen to be more humanized now, after reading the entire book ? Will be talked about in class. Last class, we leaned more to Perry being the more humanized criminal …. What do you think now ?