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“In Cold Blood” Part 2

Okay so I Loved Perry’s Confession, he tells it all. He knows that they know so why not get it all off his chest ?  I thought of it as more of a “Confessional Ride.” I like how Investigator Dewy said, “Tell us about it, Perry” , and he wasted the beans from there just telling it all! I found it shocking when Perry threaten to kill Dick. Didn’t see that coming. I thought the letter that Perry received in jail was sweet, especially    the last sentenceAnother part that I really like was when Investigator Dutz told Perry he killed the Clutter family and Perry said “Never I Never, Knew anybody by the name Clutter” and Dewey called him a liar. I was surprised that Dick didn’t steal all the money from the little boy. But the little boy was so nice, I was scared of what Dick and Perry, mostly Dick was going to do with the little boy and his grandpa Johnny but they didn’t harm him, so that was good. Interesting …. the boy name was bill and the grandpa was named johnny, I would think that grandpa would be named Bill and little boy named Johnny but I guess not. lol I know I’m all over the place but I’m just thinking about all the things that I liked in the reading. Bobby Rubb was a sweet fellow, how he would work during the summer just to give Nancy Clutter a christmas gift. He even knew what he wanted to give her this year well he was contemplating between the imported perfumes that was on sale at Norris Drugs Store or a pair of riding boots. Christmas morning was hard for him…. So Sad !!

“In Cold Blood”

Truman Capote “Quotes”

I began writing really sort of seriously when I was 12. I say seriously in the sense that other kids going home and practice the violin or the piano or whatever, I use to go home from school everyday, and      I would write for about three hours, I was obsessed by it.”

During his childhood he moved around a lot of times. When he was in Connecticut he wrote for both of the newspapers for his school, the literary journal and the school newspaper. He graduated from a private school “Upper West Side” in 1943.

When Truman found out about the case he was very interested and traveled to Kansas to go and investigate with Harper Lee.


“The Black Dahlia”

“The Black Dahlia”

The way “The Black Dahlia” was written I was pretty sure that at the end they were going to tell us who the killer was or some kind of  twist. But No :( no one knows “The Black Dahlia” killer. In the beginning when the it talked about the mother and child was walking and the child saw the body and said what is that ? I instantly thought of Torso, when the little boy saw the body and ask what is it and the other boy said get back ! In a video that I watched about ” The Black Dahlia” it stated that when the mother and child  was walking down  Norton street they believed that they saw a mannequin at in the lot. That was something that I found interesting that wasn’t in the book.  The way that they described the way she was tortured was uggh !! You knew it was pretty bad because Jones stated that this was the worst crime upon a women that he had ever seen. 250 officers is a lot of officers I thought!

Watch If You Can ! Great Video





What does “True” in “True Crime” Mean

What does “True” in “True Crime” mean to me ? Well I will start off by saying, that some crimes are the result of bullying, abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse so on and so forth. To me those are not “True Crimes”  True crimes to me are  when criminals  just react in a blink of an eye. A lot of times when you hear on the news, about a case you hear , he shoot seven children and five adults, and thats all you hear. Yes that is the most important thing, but very rarely until after the fact you don’t hear about how the guy/or the girl was beat as a child, or was raped by there father when they was a kid. Not saying that because of what happen to them awhile ago is an excuse. Yes, people could say well they didn’t have time to get that information, well thats an excuse. “True” in “True Crime”, is when Billy Bob is in the best relationship in his life, making seven figures and goes to a library and kill every one, that  what what true crime is it me. “True” in “True Crime” is define to me as a spontaneous act.

“Baby Face Nelson” & ” That’s Elliot”

All I have to say, is that he was a pretty darn good criminal ! He robbed , killed , he does it all! I really like the quote, on the second page,” Either he fools a jury, or his lawyer fools a judge.” It was surely right. From 1922 he was a thief and black leg , and only served time for barely three years. By the way I didn’t really know what black-leg was, and it was define as a corrupt/criminal. I like how in Execution , the taxi cab driver said, “That’s Elliot, the guy that pulls the switch!” Another thing, this guy got $600 a night , for executing people ? Like really I don’t want to kill people but that’s a lot of money even $450.

Above are pictures of Baby Face Nelson and Sing Sing Prison Cell


“Comic Crime”

So reading a Comic Crime, isn’t the easiest thing after all! It was a little confusing in the beginning but it got better understanding reading more and more of it. One thing I did really like is how in the book, it had some real pictures in the comic strip mostly at the end. Because they didn’t have much to identify the person , I wonder how this comic would have been different if it was easier for them to identify the person. One thing I did like was how the “Torso Killer” got his name. When he killed these people he only left there torsos. Ewwww !!!! What I really found interesting was all the way in the back of the book, “Survey of “Torso VicTims”" It had seven victims on the Survey on that page, and out of those seven, five of them were killed because of Decapitation.

Poems Poems && More Poems

So at first when I found out that we were doing Poems for our reading , well  I first thought about Love Poems and then I thought well is this going to be another Love Crime like with Allie and Fred. But I never ever would have thought about putting crime in poems. I like the beginning of The Trail’s End, with the Bonnie and Clyde.  I think my favorite poem was, “The Ballad of Grace Brown of Chester Gillette .” I really like the beginning, ” Two Mother’s Weeping One praying that justice be done, The other one asking for ‘mercy, God to save her dear son.” Like this was in a poem and it talking about being in the court room and the mothers asking for justice, it kind of summed up how the court room would be while waiting for anyone verdict. I really like Omie Wise also, well I mean I didn’t like that he killed her , and I it was kind of crazy how it said he told her in the deep river’s bottom you body shall lie.

Sweet Love

Reading this I really thought Groom might have attached the wrong article, thinking if I read this and there is no crime -____-. But there was !!              :( Unfortunately ! This was a same sex couple but the story was so cute, they wanted to run off like any other couple and get married, but they couldn’t. I feel so bad for Alice. She missed her lover and  when she saw her and felt the little rejection when Fred didn’t stop she SNAPED! Like I really wish I knew why Fred didn’t stop, I’m pretty shore it was because she was scared to stop for some reason. In the reading it talked about how Alice refused to wipe the blood off of her, I believed that she did this because that was Fred but also because that it was all that she had left of her. I am actually surprise that Alice didn’t wind up killing her self. Thinking about how they wasn’t to fond of same sex marriage then, they still aren’t and that was back in the 1890′s. Yes in some places sane sex couples can get married but not many and it today’s society it is looked down upon as it was in the reading.

One thing in this reading that really got to me was the guy that testified against Alice and said that she refused to danced with him at a picnic. Like why does that matter at all to the crime? Marbles and Baby Dolls has nothing to do with this case ?


TV Show !!! Here we Come !!!

Sitting in the Library , we thought about what we wanted to do. We had a nice selection to chose from, we Picked 2 readings to do our Trailer on . I’m really excited to do this, I hope everyone likes it . At the Library we put people to the character in the book, to who they matched best with . We also talked about how we would dress/ how we would look compared to the character. I don’t want to really tell all about our Trailers because I don’t want spoil the surprise !! :)

Comics of Gang !!

Who knew that a once former president was a gang member ? I sure didn’t ! Sold Government Jobs really? If I was then back there I would probably try to buy one . But then again I feel that is how some people get jobs today, its because who you know. CONNECTIONS ! ♫ “My god how the Money rolls I” lol ♫ .   For these men to so high in office, they really were breaking the laws big time bringing in 14 million, selling government supplies and selling jobs there were living the life with such high authority breaking the law.  With all this going on in the White House I couldn’t help but think how is the world doing ?

” Ohio Gang”