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hitch hikers guide to the true crime network!

This class is not for the faint hearted or the weak of stomachs. I’ve looked at crime scene photos, people final words, and even their last meals. I’ve learned where i can find a data base of people who have been put to execution in the US. You have to do your blogs! they can be fun or serious. You can include videos or weird pictures of Barbie. In this class you learn to fall in love with even stranger shows then CSI. Shows like Disappeared, Women who kill, and True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. This class teaches you that people aren’t what they appear. We learned though out the semester to not let our past define who we are. Look at my all time favorite killer Charles Manson. He had a troubled childhood. He was abandoned by his family and given up to the system. Because of that he wanted a family of his own. He was sick of rejection and anybody who rejected him, he killed. Charles let his past define him! There are 3 basic rules to surviving this class.
1) Always be on your game and 5 steps ahead of Groom.
2) Enjoy Paul. He may not talk much but he has the best Posts of the class.
3) Watch your back, you never know which one can turn out to be a killer.
On a side note ALWAYS HAVE A TOWEL (hitch hikers guide to the galaxy reference)

I will miss this class dearly! Have a great year, a merry Christmas, and Happy New years.

marvin (1)

Funny how?

This movie is Histarical. Mostly because the movies now in days are a way better quality so i’m a little spoiled. I love the guy who gets upset over being called a funny guy. that scene is so Iconic. The names everyone has is silly too. johny two-times because he repeats himself. i mean seriously! but its okay it is accurate of the times. Ask my grampa! he was raised in NYC in this same time period. he could tell mob stories like no other! i love the historical accuracies of the movie. the crime is a sign of the time. the steeling and murders were very common in those times. we don’t hear about mob hits very often anymore but believe me THEY STILL HAPPEN.


Okay how awesome is this title? it just sends off so many feels! but you read on and learn about the simple life of Mr. and Mrs. Clutter. They seem like nice enough people. Plenty of kids, 3 girls and 1 boy. the next thing we know this poor little family is found dead! WHAT!!! CrAZy!! read the wiki to see some cool things i found!!

Other little tiddly bits for Black Dahlia

While in class today I looked up some really awesome facts about the Black Dahlia and Geneva Ellroy cases, as well as different news reports. Here are some of those links.

The next few will be about James Ellroy’s “My Mothers Killer”

torso AKA the unsolved mass murder case

Okay I have a bunch of issues with the book! Don’t get me wrong I love a good comic book, and this was an OKAY book. i wasn’t impressed. 1) the beginning wasn’t that interesting. it took me forever to get into it! 2) they compared the torso killer to jack the ripper! jack the ripper never had the same kill. It was the same kind of woman but every kill got more and more gruesome, the torso killer’s kills were all very calculated and were all pretty much the same, he didn’t get sloppy at the end. now on the the actual murderer. he was pretty good, i have to give him that. for the times he was really creative. he created his own preservative to keep the from decomposing! because of the preciseness of every cut you would know 2 things: 1) he wasn’t hurried, and 2) he had to have some medical training. when Gaylord came into the station, willingly might i add, it shows that he had some confidence in himself. we find out that Gaylord is an ex-medical student, that explains the cuts. Gaylord eventually kills a cop then commits himself to a mental health facility. this causes them to be unable to actually accuse him of anything making the case go unsolved for the remainder of time. WE ALL KNOW WHO DID IT! GAYLORD, jerk face.

Oh Georgie Boy

George was just a player in the truest sense. not only did he cheat on his wife when her and their child were sick but he moved in a prostitute as a live in maid. On top of all of this he attempted the murder of his wife. He succeded in the death of his wife, but till the end of his life he maintianed his innocence.

the story of a condemned man (pillars of salt)

People would gather around the gallows just to watch James Morgan swing from them. At this moment in his life he was the most popular man in all of Boston. People wanted to be near him. They wanted to hear his final words, to see his final gestures, and to watch him breath his last breath. In the thoughts of today that would be tabboo. Why would we have a public hanging? Someone is bound to get offended. But back in the times of public hangings this was a good thing to take the kids to. They saw the law take effect in front of their very little eyes. But the people didnt just let him die. Hi lived on for months after his death in the print of the days. He was in surmons and in the paper. Even after death he struggled to go unseen.

This happened all through the times. Now in days people very rearly get put to death. Even when they do we really dont hear about it as widespread new. It’s now considered horrible and just wrong to sentence a person to death even by injection.

I do have just one question to ask everyone: Because the executioner pulls the leaver to kill the murderer does that make him a murderer as well?

Something to lighten the mood

lyrics to the song:

Intro to a story of a story! – Harold schechter

Harold wrote that when crime stories were first being written that they would be just as revered as a two headed baby. I personaly don’t find that to hard to believe. I’m sure people gobbled up these stories just to add some spice to their hum drum life. What I do find hard to believe is that these pamphlets were so descriptive that a young man “could find out more about the female anatomy than from an actual medical text book.” I guess mostly because I watch to much TV and I fail to realize that everything wasn’t as prim and proper as it seemed to be. Emerson even had issues with people reading this material (he was way to classy for them). He wrote in his diary about how all of his country men spent their time reading about murders and train crashes. That sounds just as bad now as it did back then. Who really spends all their time devoted to reading murder stories or watching crime shows (I DO!)? Crime consumed the people so much that most famous writers have a true-crime story. So what does all of this mean for us now? Well my dear friends it means that people back when the nation first began were just as fascinated with crime as we are now. We all want to be the hero and we want to understand the bad guys motive. If everybody got a chance to be a hero I feel as though there would be less crime shows to watch and more good news in my news reports!

true crime video- the peaceful era!

Recently I watched (more or less listened to) a video on how this is the most peaceful era in our human history. In the begining he shows an image of a concentration camp. That image in its self is crazy impacting. You begin to think to yourself that back then people really were evil. But the question is raised, ” were we any worse back then than we are now?”  A graph is shown trying to convince you that it was really bad back in the days of the hunter-gathering days, he also reads sects of the bible. The graph and the reading of the bible show you that people were really violent back then because of our permission from god to kill or our necessity to kill just so we could have the best hunting grounds. The next question raised would naturally be, “why does it seem like everything is so violent today if we are truly in a time of peace?” To answer this question you have to watch every news cast every day, or even just scan through Yahoo or Google news. Violence is the only thing shown to us these days. We as humans naturaly have a wild side. some of us choose to release it in different way, and most can get by with just watching the yahoo news ticker and watching TV shows like Dexter, or CSI. Discovery has come out with a whole crime channel just to sattisfy this animal hunger. All of this media on the evil in life is why we think that everything is so violent now but, if we just stepped outside and took a nice walk through a park we would see that not everyone is an evil killer and out to get us. You would see that the media is just feeding an animal hunger that we all have for violence. Very few people actually go crazy and physically harm another person for reasons other than self defence. Lets be real, we all think on a daily basis about how we hate someone and some of us might even begin plotting out their “accidental” death, but the good news is most of us would rather sit back and watch karma stab them in the back than having to do it ourselves. Out of all of this it truely proves that we are violent in our nature but the caring and an overwhelming sence of not wanting to be the bad guy prevents us from doing anything to drastic.