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Stranger Beside Me part 2

After finishing the book I feel that Ann went a bit to far with the deatils becasue she could have finished the book with far less words and still gottent the message across. I also feel that she wrote the book only to be remembered as that one women who was friends with Ted Bundy. Yes she memtioned the victims and how they died, but why not interview there families and write a book about them. While doing some addtional research on Bundy I found out that one of the girls memtioned in the book Katherine Merry Devine who was listed as a Bundy victim was not actually one. When questioned by police he openly admitted to not even hearing about the case or the girl, but he was still blamed for it.  DNA analysis led to the arrest and conviction of William E. Cosden for Devine’s murder in 2002 which proved that Bundy was not the murderer. Another thing that bothered me through this entire book was the hitch hiking aspect of it. A lot of these murderers occured because women were hitch hiking around places and they recently changed a law saying it was legal. The mother of  Katherine Merry Devine actually got a petition with signatures to stop hitch hking because of her daughters savage murder.

kathy                                   11-3(150)cosden

If you want to read more on Katherines real murderer here is a link to the web page


The unknown side of Ted Bundy

Like many children of my generation we have heard stories of frightening serial killers and of course one of them was the imfamous Ted Bundy. I was first exposed to him at the tender age of 5 during Halloween when I curiously asked my uncle “Who is Ted Bundy and why is he buried in our front yard”? Do not be alarmed he wasn’t really buried in our front yard, but his name was carved on a homemade tombstone to decorate our lawn. I continued to learn little details about who he was and what he did as I got older, but nothing too much. This book opened up a new chapter on what Ted Bundy was really like. I mean the man walked this women to her car to make sure she got home safe, he talked people out of commiting suicide, he worked in hospitals for crying out loud. He was a fill in dad to Meg’s daughter and was a intelligent man who got really good grades in college. The thing that kills me is that Ann Rule told a detective to see if Ted had a VW bug that matched the one people were saying “Ted” was trying to get girl into and when it came back that he did…no one did anything except add his name to a long list of 1,000 other “Teds”. This man was just an average looking guy with a high level of intelligence that out smarted the system and that is what he is going to be remmbered for in years to come

Robert Beausoleil and Truman Capote

TC: Do you consider killing innocent people a good thing?

RB: Who said they were innocent?

While reading the piece done by Truman Capote on Robert Beausoleil these two lines really stuck out to me. I mean this man did torture and kill and man, but he mades a pretty good arguement. We as humans are always flawed and no matter how much we try to cover it up there is alwasy one or two things that manage to pop through. Whose to say that Gary Hinman was so innocent and that he didn’t deserve to die. We will never be able to get in his shoes to find out if he ever did some horrible. Maybe he was a secret serial killer, or a rapist we wont ever know and the fact that Robert Beausoleil brings it up is a very intersting comment to me,

Also when reading this I found it so incredible that Truman Capote met all these people to died JFK,Sirhan,Lee Harvey Oswald,  Jack Kennedy. He even says during the reading “Out of the five people killed in the Tate house that night, I knew four of them. I’d met Sharon Tate at the Cannes Film Festival. Jay Sebring cut my hair a couple of times. I’d had lunch once in San Francisco with Abigail Folger and her boyfriend, Frykowski.” If I had meet Truman Capote I might have been a little hesitant because it appears that he has the death touch or something.



Helter Skelter

After watching this movie I have to say a job well done to guy who played Charles Manson, because the man made me actually believe that the real Charles Manson broke out of prison for a while and did a movie… Over all for a movie that was made during the 70’s and was a total of three hours (ugh soooooo long)  it was a pretty good watch. I laughed in the very begining because the women who was the maid to Sharon Tate was way over acting will all the screaming. The one thing that really creeped me out was how okay Susan Adkins was with telling all the ladies in cell block D how she slaytered tons of people. S.A: “Yeah I killed Sharon Tate and she begged me to let her have her baby, but I didn’t care”…..other woman: “Yeah well I need to get some sleep Susan talk to you tomorrow…” I would be like I will tell you every detail of the murder just get me out of this place so I don’t get slashed in my sleep.

In Cold Blood Part 2

You know sometimes I forget that the stories we read in class aren’t just stories. They are about real people and go through the deatils that happened to them or about what they did. I think because I read a lot of fiction books that it took me a little longer to realize that Bonnie, Kenyon, Nancy, a Herb were not just characters in some made up crime novel. They were real and we won’t ever know if Nancy and Bobby would have gotten married or if Bonnie would have ever gotten over her depression or even if Kenyon would have ever gone out on a date. The saddest thing in this entire novel was the last few pages when we learn that Susan still visits Nancy and that she still remembers that plans that they made to go to school together and that Bobby got married. I’m not saying that it isn’t good that they moved on with thier lives, but it is just that fact that even now no one will remember them unless they read this book.

I think that what Dick and Perry did was a horrible and the fact that Perry winked just before he was executed just goes to show you that something wasn’t all right upstairs with him. I hated when we learned that Dick wanted to rape Nancy and it gives you a real look into what he was like. He was married twice with kids of his own and had no problem trying to rape a young girl that says to me that he was a very sick person as well. In the end I think that we are driven by the author to look back on the lives of these people and think about why something so horrible could happen to an average ordinary family

In Cold Blood Part 1

Well I have to say that the first part of the novel was very well written and easy to follow. The author makes you feel like you were in the Clutter families home when everything went on. You feel like your best friends with Nancy and could sit in her room and talk all night. You feel like you are watching Bonnie sit in her bed reading the bible and alienating herslef from everyone. You can literally take a walk with Mr.Clutter on his property and watch him enjoy his apple and milk for breakfast. I LOVE reading books that make you connect with the characters and take you inside the story and make you feel all the emotions of the characters. The fact that this novel is based on a real life murder just makes me feel sad and frightened because I know that these people were just everyday normal people. I like how the author uses refrences that were used during the time period like when it comes to post pardum depression he used the term “post-natal”.

Portraits of Family Found Murdered

The major thing that really bothered me was that these people who were just your average run of the mill family was just killed and to me it seemed for no reason.


Black Dahlia

When I hear the words “Black Dahlia” the first thing that comes to mind is the horrible murder of a young woman who’s life was cute short and a world famous unsolved murder. While reading this writing I noticed that the author used a blooming flower which is kind of funny because a Dahlia is a type of flower and they bloom in a variety of colors and can even turn a dark purple which looks black. I feel very sad when reading the description of how Elizabeth Short was tied up, given a long gash to create a sickly smile, and then she was cut in half and her blood was drained. While reading this I felt as though the author was trying to make Elizabeth Short see like a bad person by saying she mooched off of people and talked to  a bunch of guys. This reading made me think of countless referneces in movies, tv series, and books about the Black Dahlia and mad e me realize that even though Elizabeth Short never got famous in Hollywood she still will live on forever in history

black_dahlia_posters-r34262404939742f7bb0da4d74881ce69_w2q_8byvr_512A Black Dahlia

Execution and what “True” crime really is

Well because my group is presenting this week we decided to split up the two reading and the one that I was going to do was Execution. I found so much information and video clips that would really add some sparkle to our presentation that I am really excited to present.

I think that there is no such thing as true crime because every person on the planet earth has told a lie or two in their time. I think that as a society we try really hard to uncover the truth behind things because it is human nature to be curious. Out of all the readings we have done their is always a different account of what happened by twenty differnet people. I think that we call it True Crime because it is whatever the author of the story wants us to think happened.

Ballads of Murder

Naomi Wise and Grace Brown:

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The readings that I decided to focus on was the Grace Brown and Noami Wise murders.

I decided to group these two women together because the way they that they both died was very similar as well as thier living situations before they died. Naomi Wise was pregnant with Jonathon Lewis’s child and was tricked into being led by a river where she was strangled and then tossed in. I found it very sad that she begged this man to spare her life and when he finally confessed to killing her on his death bed he said that all she wanted was to marry him. I found another website that gave a bit more detail into the murder as well as event leading up to it which shed some very interesting light on the situation. Apparently Lewis’s mother tried to make him marry another more wealthy girl byt he name of Hettie Elliott. While he was courting her she asked him if he was seeing Naomi which he told her no that it was just an attend to slander his good name all the while still visiting Naomi. Naomi went to go and get some water from her house and was never seen again which is where the story continues.  Now does this lead people to think he murdered Naomi so he could marry Hettie or did it so he wouldn’t have to deal with the resposiblities of fatherhood… Grace Brown was also a pregnant “girlfiend” of a man who also killed her in a body of water and left her to be found by others. Grace was also promised marriage, but was lied to by Chester and eventually she payed for it in the end. Some people say that Chester was going to  send her to a home where single mother lived but the fact that he used a fake name in the hotel guest name booklet and the fact that he only packed enough clothes for a few days tells me that he was planning on killing her the whole time

A love not meant to be…

Compared to other readings that we have done I actually feel some pity for the killer Alice Mitchell. She was head over heels in love with this girl in a time period where this was not acceptable to want to marry a women. This women was willing to dress up as a man and change her name just to be with Fred because that’s how much she loved her. She was so commited to this girl she sent her an engagment ring and devised a plan to run away with her. This kind of story would pull on the heart strings of any true romantic…. that is until you learn how it all came crashing down. I think that the sister of Fred kind of caused this tragic murder to happen if she had not intervened and allowed her sister to run away she would have still been alive. I believe that if you have anyone who is overly in love with a person and then the relationship doesnt work out they develop what I like to call “If I can’t have you then know one will” syndrome. Alice was driven crazy by the fact that she was never going to live with the one person she loved and it led her to kill. I don’t know if Alice planned on killing Fred that day, but I know that it happened and that she probably regreted it for a long time afterwords…. some things you just can’t forget.

alice-mitchell-1 freda-ward