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The Stranger Beside me

I found that this book even though it was rather informative about Bundy and his murders, but I think that if your going to write a novel you have to distance yourself a little from what you are writing to make it more reliable. She puts herself in so much it makes it more like this is a story about her and that she knew this killer and how she was affected by it.

Also I thought in all the end of the letters she put in there was instead of from at the end it was “peace”.


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Helter Skelter reaction

Alrighty then…. Charles Manson was definitely someone who can be considered in my opinion for being crazy by being the leader of turning unsuspecting children into murdering little minions. All his little follows freaked me out a bit. Can people really fall so low as to follow a man like Manson in that way? Personally I think he had a god complex from the implications of the movie and thought he was probably doing what was in the best interest of himself while convincing young people with no place else to follow him. It is his influence that created his “family” and with quite the scary after affect. While Manson was on trial I found the “family” to get worse and worse as time progressed. The x’s on their foreheads as well as all of them saving their heads was a bit disturbing to watch and mad them look crazed. I think after this I have had my fill of movies about groups of people killing others because one man told them too.

The film itself had an interesting set up where there was the story based mostly around the detectives and lawyers trying to get Manson and his family to be convicted and given the death penalty. It would switch between story and narration of fact as more time went by.

In Cold Blood part 1

Well I can honestly say it took a little time to get really reading into this one, but once I did I found it to be a very interesting read. The details of the first few pages seemed to just keep dragging on, it isn’t really till later that the picture of the details of the family and town come into place. It goes from the author describing this every day family in a small town to the view of an outsider looking in o what is happening while the people in the book/ the Clutters remain blissfully ignorant. This does portray the common theme of the victims not knowing what coming towards them before its too late.

Just because these murders were not as graphic and disturbing as the Black Dahlia does not make it any less a crime, that in itself can be quite sad when it happens to family.

Truth or Friction

Bringing up the question that is true crime really true with all of the fictionalization that has happened to crimes stories and narrative one can go many directions. I believe that in facing the judgement of true crime people have to rely on what they wish to believe in and that way they see their own truth even though it may not be factual. I think there is some truth in the some of the true crimes stores that is based off of pure facts about the crime. However, there is a problem with the interpretations of how these facts. Many people believe what they want and will add what makes people interested or what makes a crime believable to the audience. True crime stories will always be altered based on the person who is telling them because even if a person tries to leave their opinions out there will be some form of their ideas of what happened considering how they deem fact, what facts they use and leave out, and the things that get overshadowed by the writer trying to prove a point.

Torso Relations

Okay did anyone else during reading this think of the hundreds of crime TV show because I know I did and found two similarities in things I have watched in the past.
One was the 4th season finally of Criminal Minds and the other was the entire first season of Dexter.

Poems and murder

Never poems would be used in this way. It makes a very interesting way to depict crime and in not so direct and figurative means to do it. It does make it quite a different experience to read because now their is definitely make the crimes more dramatic to the reader as the writer makes the crimes seem much darker and the figurative language messes with a person’s imagination letting people seem more creative retelling of crimes with some improvisation on the writers part with some of the details they use and leave out which makes some of the language quite difficult to follow at times.

Since most of them were about people to be or were married

Comment on Mad Love eh… by Sanguis Lupus

I like the style especially because I love to write and it did accurately explain what the crime was about. Though I do have to note that with the more playing with the words of a nonfiction makes it interesting it can also make it more like a story which makes people less likely to believe it or more depending on the person.

The insanity framing of Fred and Allie can be seen as either Allie really became one of those love obsessed people that had to have Fred and she was just subjected to her own delineations about their relationship. An other option could be one of those young love things where emotions take over and the feelings of betrayal usually end with someone doing something rash and dangerous. The way the text had it though was that the Allie was more insane not for killing Fred, but for the relationship between the two girls and Allies attempt to run away dressed as a man to marry Fred was more of a case for the girl to be insane.

Mad Love eh…

Well the saying love drives one mad certainly fits the case in the for Alice Mitchell. Young women in love can be scary especially when they are being told no by other people and even more so their own parents. If a girl was going to run away with someone, yes it would be irrational for people such as them in their young ages, but it takes a lot to have a relationship with someone of the same gender in that time and it would most definitely cause issues.

Alice seemed to take the separation of the two much harder than Fred, I believe that she believed she loved her until she saw she was moving on after their failed attempt to run away. The feeling of betrayal is a powerful thing and it could possibly drive a person mad enough to kill is they are not able to keep their head. Alice was the emotional type that would let these drive her actions including the way she acted not being able to see Fred before she killed him.

Much of the article was also very dramatized and seemed more like a story than an actual thing that happened. The style of the writer just tries to make the article more entertaining for the reader.


I never really worked on a script before that we actually are going to have to make a video for. All in all it’s a pain in the butt and having to have everyone work on it and agree is a task all in it’s own right. So far it took almost three hours of sitting in the library and trying to focus to get any progress. Here to hoping all goes well when we attempt the actual video.