Course Evaluation

I liked this class because it was very calm and fun especially when doing the video projects. But, I would say that there was a lot of reading for this class which I found unnecessary. I also thought that for the longer books more time should have been given to complete it and same with the filming of the video. This class was a very time consuming although most of the information in the class was interesting. I would say I wished there was a more guidelines on what was expected on projects and leading discussions. I also hoped that we would have gotten more updates on how we were doing throughout the class.

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This class was interesting. I learned a lot about serial killers and murders of all shapes and sizes, much more than I expected. Reading about each killer or thief was fun and entertaining but making videos about them was not entertaining. It was interesting to read the blogs and see what my fellow classmates were thinking or how they viewed a certain topic. I liked the idea of the videos, but I think we should have been assigned less because this is a freshman seminar and I did not expect to have more work in this class than I did in Honors Accounting. Teaching the class wasn’t too painful so that could stay. I liked the energy during the classes it was fun even though I didn’t really contribute to that aspect. Overall it was a fun class and I do not regret taking it.

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This class is not for the faint hearted or the weak of stomachs. I’ve looked at crime scene photos, people final words, and even their last meals. I’ve learned where i can find a data base of people who have been put to execution in the US. You have to do your blogs! they can be fun or serious. You can include videos or weird pictures of Barbie. In this class you learn to fall in love with even stranger shows then CSI. Shows like Disappeared, Women who kill, and True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. This class teaches you that people aren’t what they appear. We learned though out the semester to not let our past define who we are. Look at my all time favorite killer Charles Manson. He had a troubled childhood. He was abandoned by his family and given up to the system. Because of that he wanted a family of his own. He was sick of rejection and anybody who rejected him, he killed. Charles let his past define him! There are 3 basic rules to surviving this class.
1) Always be on your game and 5 steps ahead of Groom.
2) Enjoy Paul. He may not talk much but he has the best Posts of the class.
3) Watch your back, you never know which one can turn out to be a killer.
On a side note ALWAYS HAVE A TOWEL (hitch hikers guide to the galaxy reference)

I will miss this class dearly! Have a great year, a merry Christmas, and Happy New years.

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This class was fun and the material was all interesting for the most part. Although, the workload was a little too much I think one less video would be enough or taking out the part where the students teach.


I have to say, I really enjoyed this class, even though it was a ton of work. The video projects were awesome, to make and I really enjoyed editing them. I like how my progress went with each of the videos. I also like many of the readings, especially Torso and the early readings from the True Crime book. I like how the movies were incorporated as well. They were a nice break from the readings. So overall I think there I really enjoyed the class. I have a few critiques, however. Maybe the next time it is taught, you could cut down on a few readings in the True Crime book, or even just make a course on that book. Maybe you can break it up even more where you could do a modern crime course, where it is only crime from the 20 and 21st centuries. That actually would be really cool. And that’s all I have for critiques! Thank you so much Professor Groom and Professor Paul! I’m so glad I got to take this class!


Overall, I liked this course a lot. I loved the “chill” atmosphere. Our discussions were good. There was a lot of work, and a lot of times I felt like I couldn’t finish it all on time. I also felt like it wasn’t clear which assignments were weighted more heavily than others. It would have been nice to have a clear grading scale and to be notified of our grades at several points during the class. Overall though, I liked the class.


This class was not like most classes I have taken or any type of class that I expected.  There were no tests or quizzes, which I am not complaining.  The grading wasn’t very specific which was annoying at times because it was hard to figure out exactly what was expected in each of the assignments.  80% of the work was blogging, which isn’t too hard, but I don’t like blogging so I struggled with getting into the habit of actually doing it.  However, the TV show projects that we did were very fun, but, again, there wasn’t really any guidelines, so we would think that we did really well, but it wasn’t what the two professors were looking for, or vice versa, it was horrible, but we ended up doing better than expected.  The readings were sometimes long and sometimes short, a lot of times they were interesting stories, but poorly written, I fell asleep reading quite a few times.  The class is definitely interesting and I like that it’s all based on conversation, but there’s definitely an issue with the seating of the class.  I sat in a couch area with about 6 or 7 other people and then there was a main table with about 6 people and then a few people sat away from everyone in their own separate seats.  I felt this took away from the conversation, even though I’m loud and I made myself heard, not everyone who sat in the couches with me did the same and they were rarely heard.  I think the class would have benefitted more if we all sat together.  It was a lot of work with the readings and the blogging and our wikis and the projects, much more than most of my classes.  Looking back on this class, I am glad that I picked it for my freshman seminar, but the few key things that I would try and fix is the grading (I would put more specific guidelines) and the seating (we should all sit together so everyone can be heard).  Oh and the professors are…interesting.  They teach a true crime class so of course they’re weird.  Paul Bond is kind of like a ghost.  He watches us from the computer, rarely talking, so a lot of times I forget he’s there and then out of no where he talks and it scares me sometimes.  Groom on the other hand, there are no words to describe him.  It’s a love-hate kind of thing.  I still don’t know if he actually likes me…he says he does but, it may be that he’s sketchy for teaching a murder class, but I just don’t know if I believe him.