When I first started watching GoodFellas I realized that I had already seen this movie. I seriously did not think this was based off a real story. This actually helped me get into the movie further. I think making a movie out off the Lecchese crime was a great idea. This allowed them to show how the gang worked from the inside and though you were an insider like Henry Hill or Tommy DeVino it was still dangerous because you could get sacked by people above you or you’re own friends. It shows how owing money, getting money, or even lack of respect could cause you to be killed. The characters in the story lived fabulous lives from stealing and trading things yet they cannot live to large that they are detected. If this was told in a book, I feel as if it would have been harder to captivate the actual fear that some had for the people in the crime family and how random their acts of violence could truly be. It would be harder to follow along and some important information could just as easily slip through our minds since the actual expression and actions are not seen with our own eyes although the movie is based on the novel Wiseguys.GoodFellas


I really did like the movie. It was quite interesting. I did like the part where Henry was first asked what he did for a living and he said he worked in construction because my family is all Italian on my papa’s side and they all have a whole lot of money and all seem to have the same name but the men say they work for cement places but they never look disheveled one bit haha. I am wondering though if the actor who played Henry had something on his teeth because it was really bothering me. O also the use of the pictures in the movie made it that much better because it reminded the viewer that this was a true story even if you can tell that when they beat up some of the people that it is fake. Other than that it was a great movie. Much better than Helter Skelter. O lastly I really liked how he explained the name of the movie and what it meant to them. Why it is called Goodfellow.


I liked the movie Goodfellas, it had violence and humor in it.  I think the beginning, when they opened with 3 guys driving and then killing someone in the trunk was one of the craziest starts to a movie.  It was violent and sad but also an interesting way to start.  One of my favorite scenes in the movie was near the end when Henry Hill was selling drugs, dealing with his babysitter and his mistress, and also dealing with the cops spying on him, but the entire time he had to get home to make his family dinner.  It was a humorous scene but also showed the difficult life Hill was now living.  I also love the scene when Hill wakes up to his wife pointing a gun at him because she found out he was cheating, it was a bad situation and crazy, but also hilarious.

Funny how?

This movie is Histarical. Mostly because the movies now in days are a way better quality so i’m a little spoiled. I love the guy who gets upset over being called a funny guy. that scene is so Iconic. The names everyone has is silly too. johny two-times because he repeats himself. i mean seriously! but its okay it is accurate of the times. Ask my grampa! he was raised in NYC in this same time period. he could tell mob stories like no other! i love the historical accuracies of the movie. the crime is a sign of the time. the steeling and murders were very common in those times. we don’t hear about mob hits very often anymore but believe me THEY STILL HAPPEN.

Finally I Can Talk About Snoop Dogg

I figured I’d start this post off with a beautiful photo. Nice jumpsuit.
snoop-dogg-bandanaFor those of you that didn’t know that Snoop himself was a Crip also, there you are. Here is a lovely website where Snoop talks about how great gang life is in Cali. The man is actually insane, I’m pretty sure. Anyways, I love books like these (except for the part where it’s written like my mom’s sophomore students’ narrative essays – ps i love the use of “overstand”) but the story is nicely eye-opening for people who live sheltered lives who ignore all of this kind of stuff happening in the real world. Monster’s life is very depressing, and makes it even more depressing that he thinks this is how life just is and he thinks it’s so normal – almost like Henry in Goodfellas. He didn’t like “normal” life and he missed crime and screwing around. It is also like Goodfellas in that it follows his life from the very beginning of the crime through where he is now. I noticed the similarities while watching the movie and thought it was great how we looked at these things to close together. Two different sides of the country, two very different lives of crime, but still crime nevertheless.